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White Chocolate & Cinnamon Heart Cookies

White Chocolate and Cinnamon Heart Cookies 2

Happy (nearly) Valentines Day !  Here is a little sweet and spicy cookie to share with everyone you care about, especially you!

The recipe starts with a basic chocolate chip cookie dough, with a few extra add-ins, in this case white chocolate and those little cinnamon heart candies that show up this time of year.  A little extra warmth comes from cinnamon in the dough.  It is February, after all, everyone needs a little heat 🙂

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Strawberry Almond Chocolate Fudge

straberry almond fudgeI am heading out to a curling event this evening, and agreed to bring some treats for sharing.  I was feeling lazy today, and not in the mood for anything heavy-duty baking wise.  I checked out the pantry and decided to whip up this quick and easy chocolate confection.  It is not a true fudge in the sense that there are no boiled sugars and what not, but it IS fudgy, and judging by the edges I cut off (and tasted….for research purposes of course 😉 ) pretty tasty.  I also think this would make a nice treat for Valentines Day to share with whoever you like! Read the rest of this entry

Red Hot Cinnamon Toffee

If you are a lover of cinnamon heart candies that are everywhere this time of year, or just a fan of cinnamon in general, you’ll really enjoy this toffee.  With a little kick from cayenne and the addition of white chocolate, it is a creamy and spicy treat that is perfect for Valentine’s Day, or any day you want to show someone a little love.

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Cherry Blossom Fudge

Treats inspired by Canada’s own Cherry Blossom candy are a bit of an ongoing theme on my blog, and this fudge marks my third attempt at revamping the already perfect confection, and the first of my Valentine’s sweet treats that I will be blogging about this week.


Now before I get into the recipe, I’m admitting this is not a true fudge recipe, there was no standing over the stove waiting for it to cook, or hauling out the hand mixer to beat it.  Which means this fudge is not only super quick, but also super easy !  If you can work the microwave and chop up a few ingredients, you are good to go.  I had this setting in the fridge in no time flat.  Read the rest of this entry