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“Pot of Gold” Oatmeal Cookies

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Pot of Gold Oatmeal Cookies

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone !  Especially to my fellow Newfoundlanders back home celebrating, and any displaced Newfoundlanders such as myself, as this day makes me extra homesick.  Ah but I’ll be heading for the foggy shores of home soon!

This recipe is perhaps a little bit late to whip up for the day, unless of course you already have the ingredients on hand.  But you can also try this cookie when you’re looking to use up any leftover whiskey.  Just kidding, there’s no such thing as leftover whiskey!

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Seitan Black Pudding

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Black Pudding 2

If you are vegan, vegetarian, or just like to have meatless Mondays or what not, seitan is a great way to add protein to your diet.  I discovered I could make my own about 5 years ago, and wondered why I ever paid for veggie burgers or luncheon “meats”.  If you can make a banana bread, you can make seitan.  It is SO easy, and ingredients are easy to find.  There are loads of fantastic recipes out there for just about everything.  And I’ve never had one that I couldn’t slice up and freeze to use later.  So versatile.

Growing up in Newfoundland, black or blood puddings were a regular dish, and I admit that I loved them back in my meat – eating days.   I have been wanting to make my own vegetarian version for some time now, one that also included protein, instead of a simple vegetable swap for the blood and fat that normally go in these sausages.  Seitan to the rescue!  This recipe turned out great, and while it won’t taste exactly like a traditional blood pudding, it is pretty close to the real thing, and a tasty addition to any breakfast plate.

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Colcannon Waffles

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Colcannon WafflesAre you hosting a St. Patrick’s day brunch this year, or maybe just looking for a tasty weekend breakfast any time of year?  These savory waffles are a great option.

Colcannon, a simple dish of creamy potatoes, kale or cabbage, and buttery onions, is one of my favorite Irish dishes, and reminds me a lot of the “oniony hash” we eat all the time back home in Newfoundland (often made from Jigg’s Dinner leftovers).

Last year, I made potato farls for the first time, and loved the results.  This year, I decided to mix things up a little bit and bring the same sort of potato pancake idea to this dish.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I did !

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Lobster Mushrooms in Whiskey Sauce (aka faux Dublin Lawyer)

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Dublin Lawyer

For this St. Patrick’s Day week, I was determined to develop some special vegetarian dishes tasty enough to stand up to their traditional seafood or meaty counterparts.  This dish, a take on the Irish dish Dublin Lawyer, exceeded my expectations!  Plus, it is simple enough to whip up quickly, provided you have the ingredients on hand.

The original version of this dish includes lobster in a buttery, creamy whiskey sauce.  There are many things to love about that, unless of course you can’t eat seafood, or just don’t feel like it that day.  I myself am probably best described as a semi-pescatarian; that is, the large majority of my diet is vegetarian, but a couple of times a year I’ll have a little seafood as kind of a treat, mostly while traveling.  I’m a Newfoundland girl, after all.  But for this dish, I decided to go with lobster mushrooms instead, which of course are not exactly like lobster, but pretty awesome in their own right, have a slightly similar flavor, as well as appearance.

While vegetarian, this dish is shall we say…a WEE bit on the rich side, so it is lovely for a special occasion, a dinner party or what not.  I did lighten my version somewhat with a light cream and less butter.  If you wished to lighten it further, you could serve it over rice, potato or even toasted bread.  I served mine in vol-au-vent pastry, and there was enough for two main dish servings.  You could also serve this in appetizer sized pastries or toast points.  All good!

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White Chocolate and Apple Molasses Cookies

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Irish Apple White Chocolate Molasses CookiesThere’s been yet more cold, snowy weather here this week, and even though it is March, it is hard to think of Spring.  So these warmly spiced cookies are still perfect for this time of year, and with whiskey-soaked apples tucked away inside, they are also a nice offering for St. Patrick’s Day.  I hope you enjoy this recipe ! Read the rest of this entry

Lima Bean, Potato and Cabbage Chowder

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Does anyone else love lima beans as much as I do?  I love them fresh, frozen and especially the extra large dry variety that are used in this soup.  When cooked, they transform into such a creamy texture and they are wonderful in soups.  This hearty chowder uses them, along with some typical Irish ingredients for a meal fit for St. Patrick’s day, or any day of the year.  Serve them with some biscuits, substituting some Irish cheddar in the mix.

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Potato Farls with Smoked Salmon

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Sunday morning breakfast, served with a hot cup of Just Us coffee, delicious!

Potato Farls and Smoked Salmon

Farls are an Irish quick bread that comes in many forms, and literally mean “quarters”.  These are kind of a cross between a pancake and a touton, in my mind.  They are made from a simple dough and cooked in a cast iron pan to give them a lovely crisp on the outside.

This was my first time making these, and full credit goes to for the recipe, which makes 8 farls.

While this isn’t my recipe, I also wanted to post this to talk about a new product I tried today, the delicious smoked salmon from Miramichi Smokehouse.  This was SO good, some of the best cold-smoked salmon I’ve had.  I picked this package up at the newly opened Manasseh Local Food market.  I’ve visited there twice this week, picking up some wonderful local products, and it’s really great to have a place to pick up these things much closer to home than I’ve been able to access before.  There’s also a deli at the back that I haven’t checked out yet (cash only), but I’ll definitely be back.  It’s worth a stop if you’re in the area.

I made the farls yesterday, rewarmed them slightly this morning, and topped them with the smoked salmon, a little sour cream and some red onion.  A simple and decadent breakfast !