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Maple “Turtle”Cheesecake

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Maple Turtle Cheesecake

It is the time of year again when all sorts of maple goodies start to show up in the shops, following a season in the sugar woods and all those great pancake dinners.  There are a few places near by where I live where you can purchase maple products right where they are produced, but they’re also available pretty much anywhere.  Maple syrup seems to stick around for a longer time frame, but the maple cream and maple butters seem to have a shorter appearance (although the MPANS website states you can freeze maple butter).

So for this recipe, I wanted to make use of a tub of maple butter I had picked up Hunter’s maple products in Springhill, to create a kind of turtle cheesecake, substituting it for the caramel in the recipe.  This is the stuff you’re looking for (and good stuff it is!):

Maple Butter

On to the recipe!

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Creamy Kale and Lentil Soup

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Creamy Kale and Lentil SoupI still had some kale left over from my colcannon waffles the other day so I decided to make pot of soup and have done with it.  This is a hearty and rich version of a green lentil soup that will yield four approximately 2 cup servings.  I found this really filling, so I just had it with a little salad, but I would imagine it would be just as good with a biscuit or maybe a half sandwich.

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Cherry Blossom Bundt Cake

Cherry Blossom Bundt CakeThis rich chocolate cake, packed with peanuts and coconut, hides a tunnel of cream cheese and maraschino cherries and was inspired by, you guessed it, the candy bar of the same name.  This one went to a bake sale in aid of a Christmas families program we have at work, so while filling a few bellies, it also went towards a good cause.  Doubly sweet !   Read the rest of this entry

Tex Mex Shrimp Dip

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Apologies for the hiatus!  In cooking related news, I have been super busy baking cheesecakes this past couple of weeks for the Kraft Philadelphia Cheesecake of the year contest.  Check out my resulting cakes, and the recipe links, on my facebook page. Most of this dip was destined for the freezer, in anticipation of company coming next week.  I made this version with shrimp, but if you wish to make it vegetarian, you could always swap in some black beans or just go with the veggies. TexMexShrimpDip2_zpsd1995c46 Read the rest of this entry

Black Forest Cheesecake Crepes

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If you have been reading my blog this past week or so, you can probably figure out what the secret ingredient is in this rich dessert, but if you taste it, you would never know.  Yep, these crepes have lentils in them, for a little extra protein and fibre in your dessert !


These are fairly easy to whip up, and the components can be made ahead of time and assembled just before serving.  Who doesn’t like a little extra help when you have guests over, right?  Read the rest of this entry

Pumpkin Spice Dip

pumpkin spice dip

This is a dip that could be whipped up for any autumn get together, or even as an every day fruit dip, but I decided to make this one as a healthier offering for Halloween at work (don’t worry, I am still giving out candy bars and licorice).  If you already have some the ingredients on hand, this will take mere minutes to whip up.  I served mine with Kookie Kutter ginger snaps and apple slices.  Read the rest of this entry