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Cherry Blossom Ice Pops

Cherry Blossom Ice Pops

Pic is not so pretty (it was hot here today), but trust me, these are GOOD.

Anyone reading my blog for a while now knows I have a fondness for recipes inspired by a certain tasty candy bar.  Continuing in that tradition, this week I whipped up a batch of chocolate ice pops studded with maraschino cherries, chopped peanuts and coconut.  Best part?  They’re dairy free !

This recipe made 6 pops using the mold I have.

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Confetti Milkshake (dairy-free!)

Confetti Milkshake (non-dairy)

Summer may be on its way out, but milkshakes are forever.  This is a fun version for kids young and old, and also happens to be dairy-free, and vegan !  The recipe makes enough for two milkshakes, but I’m sure you won’t have any trouble finding someone to share 🙂

Grab your blender and get ready for a tasty treat !

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Frozen Mocha Molasses Crunch Cake

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Mocha Molasses Crunch Ice Cream Cake6

This delicious frozen cake combines coffee ice cream, chocolate and a crunchy molasses pecan brittle for a dessert that is out of this world.  It’s equally at home as the finale of a special dinner on a hot summer evening, or kept in the freezer at the cottage to cut and come back for more as you please.  Best of all, this sweet summer dessert requires absolutely ZERO oven or stove top time and can be made ahead of time so you can be as cool as a cucumber when your guests arrive.  What’s not to love?

There is a little prep to this recipe and time needs to be allowed for layers to set up but it is otherwise very simple.  Do a layer, go run an errand or just put your feet up on the patio for a while and then return for the next step.  I promise it is worth the time.

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Cinnamon Apple Toffee Crunch Ice Cream Cake


Even though the crisp fall temps are starting to creep in and bring on thoughts of warm spiced dishes, who says we can’t enjoy ice cream for a little while longer? After all, fall has JUST barely arrived, so this is a perfect crossover dessert.  And of course, because it is apple season, this cake is right on time.  Ice cream cakes are also a great make-ahead dessert, or just kept in the freezer for when company drops by or there’s an emergency sugar craving! Just wrap it well in a few layers of foil until you’re ready to go.  This one made its debut at a BBQ this week, where we enjoyed some of the last few warm days of late summer weather.  I hope you enjoy it too.  Read the rest of this entry

Lemon Poppyseed Ice-Cream Cake

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Lemon Poppyseed Ice-cream Cake

Happy belated Easter everyone !  The above cake was my offering for this year’s Easter gathering at my sister’s place, and *gasp* it was not a cheesecake (imagine!).  It coincidentally was also my birthday and I happen to love ice cream for dessert, so I got to choose. It turned out to be a tasty dessert that you could easily make well ahead of time for Easter dinner or springtime get-together.  Read the rest of this entry

St. Patrick’s Day Slice

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This is just a fun and easy dessert I whipped up to start my St. Patrick’s Day recipes.  Stay tuned as there are many more to come!  This is a minty slice of a dessert that can be made days ahead of time, and served to a crowd, or a slice or two at a time, as long as you wrap it well in the freezer.  The recipe itself is simple, and takes no time to whip up, but if you want to achieve the ombre effect, you will have to allow time for each layer to set up. Read the rest of this entry

Ombre Pumpkin Frozen Dessert


Continuing with the autumn / squash theme, I give you this alternative to the baked pumpkin offerings that show up on Thanksgiving tables and the like.  The great thing about it is that it can be made well ahead of time if covered, giving you more time to devote to spending time with friends and family.

For this, I used the same formula as my Partridgeberry Cascade Frozen Dessert, but with a few changes.  The ombre effect is not as noticeable in this one, but still makes it a little special.  Again, the dessert itself is quick and easy to whip up, but you’ll need to leave a little time for each layer to set up.  However, if you wanted to, you could just mix everything together for a solid pumpkin dessert with the same flavors.  The choice is yours!  Read the rest of this entry