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Creamy Kale and Lentil Soup

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Creamy Kale and Lentil SoupI still had some kale left over from my colcannon waffles the other day so I decided to make pot of soup and have done with it.  This is a hearty and rich version of a green lentil soup that will yield four approximately 2 cup servings.  I found this really filling, so I just had it with a little salad, but I would imagine it would be just as good with a biscuit or maybe a half sandwich.

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Kale and Yellow Eye Bean Soup

CreamyKaleandYellowEyeBeanSoup_zps7d686ecbIt has been raining here for days and the temps have taken a noticeable dive, so that means comfort food.  I am so not ready for the colder weather, but I am always ready for a tasty bowl of soup.  For this recipe I used my garlic and kale from Wysmykal Farm as well as yellow eye beans from Webster Farms.  Paired with a gooey grilled cheese (with a hint of hot honey horseradish mustard from LaHave Bakery), it made for a heart-warming dinner on a chilly evening.

This is pretty quick to whip up if you have cooked beans on hand.  If you are looking for a further shortcut, you can also use any white canned bean, just drain and rinse. Read the rest of this entry

Lima Bean, Potato and Cabbage Chowder

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Does anyone else love lima beans as much as I do?  I love them fresh, frozen and especially the extra large dry variety that are used in this soup.  When cooked, they transform into such a creamy texture and they are wonderful in soups.  This hearty chowder uses them, along with some typical Irish ingredients for a meal fit for St. Patrick’s day, or any day of the year.  Serve them with some biscuits, substituting some Irish cheddar in the mix.

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Spanish Roasted Garlic and Parsnip Soup

A few years ago while visiting my niece in Montreal, we had a delicious meal at Casa Tapas that included an almond soup that was to die for.  I don’t know if it was the chilly weather or the wine, but that soup was one of the tastiest things I’ve ever had, and I craved it for a long time after.  I found a few similar recipes, but never got around to making them.

This recipe doesn’t replace that, but is a bit of a nod to some of the same ingredients.  It also was a way to finally enjoy one of my least favorite vegetables, parsnips.  Now I’ve never met a vegetable I couldn’t eat, I enjoy most, and some that I was kind of meh over have grown on me, like how heirloom tomatoes made me realize how delicious tomatoes really were.  I grew up with boiled parsnips, and never liked them much at all until I had them roasted with other root vegetables in a buttery sweet sauce.

I got two pounds of parsnips in last week’s CSA (still getting this in December, woot!) and was determined to make something tasty out of them.  This soup was the result !

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Mexican Cream of Green Tomato Soup


This past week, a wonderful coworker gifted me with some hot peppers and a big bag of green tomatoes, and I was at a bit of a loss as to what I was going to do with them.  I was leaning towards soup, then I was thinking “something with pumpkin seeds”, and this dish, based very loosely on a sauce known as “Pipian Verde”, was born.  The soup is (lacto) vegetarian, as long as you use vegetable stock.  Read the rest of this entry

Cream of Cabbage Soup


This really should be called “cream” of cabbage soup, as there’s no cream to be found in this recipe.  The base gets its creaminess from pureeing a mixture of chick peas and vegetables, and from the addition of a little 2% milk.  The already vegetarian soup can be easily made vegan by swapping the milk for almond or coconut milk.  This is a soup you can feel good about eating !  And, depending on how big of a bowl of soup you like to eat, this will make at least 6 hearty servings, several of which are also destined for the freezer.  Read the rest of this entry

Stout and Cheddar Soup

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Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone !  Here is a sample of the big pot of soup I cooked up today that is destined for a themed potluck tomorrow.  I took my inspiration from some similar recipes out there, and wanted both a large batch (around 10 servings) , this is the result.  I was originally going to use Guinness, but decided to go with a local stout from Garrison Brewery.  I plan to serve this along with an Irish potato bread that I also made today. Read the rest of this entry