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“Pot of Gold” Oatmeal Cookies

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Pot of Gold Oatmeal Cookies

Happy St. Patrick’s Day everyone !  Especially to my fellow Newfoundlanders back home celebrating, and any displaced Newfoundlanders such as myself, as this day makes me extra homesick.  Ah but I’ll be heading for the foggy shores of home soon!

This recipe is perhaps a little bit late to whip up for the day, unless of course you already have the ingredients on hand.  But you can also try this cookie when you’re looking to use up any leftover whiskey.  Just kidding, there’s no such thing as leftover whiskey!

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White Chocolate & Cinnamon Heart Cookies

White Chocolate and Cinnamon Heart Cookies 2

Happy (nearly) Valentines Day !  Here is a little sweet and spicy cookie to share with everyone you care about, especially you!

The recipe starts with a basic chocolate chip cookie dough, with a few extra add-ins, in this case white chocolate and those little cinnamon heart candies that show up this time of year.  A little extra warmth comes from cinnamon in the dough.  It is February, after all, everyone needs a little heat 🙂

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Fig and Hazelnut Chocolate Chip Cookies

Fig Hazelnut and Chocolate Chip Cookies2This cookie is a new variation on my favorite chocolate chip cookie recipe, whipped up for a potluck this week.  I was going for a chewy cookie studded with lots of good things, and the combo of dried figs, toasted hazelnuts and chocolate hit the spot.

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White Chocolate and Apple Molasses Cookies

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Irish Apple White Chocolate Molasses CookiesThere’s been yet more cold, snowy weather here this week, and even though it is March, it is hard to think of Spring.  So these warmly spiced cookies are still perfect for this time of year, and with whiskey-soaked apples tucked away inside, they are also a nice offering for St. Patrick’s Day.  I hope you enjoy this recipe ! Read the rest of this entry

Rum Runner Molasses Cookies

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Historically, the economy of Newfoundland included a vibrant trade of the then plentiful salt cod stocks with other countries who in turn, provided us with their exports of sugar, dry fruits and nuts, coffee, molasses and rum.  And so, in turn for providing the world with the basis of many wonderful Bacalao variations, my ancestors in Newfoundland were able to bake up many ‘lassy filled treats, studded with nuts and fruits and flavored with many wonderful things. Read the rest of this entry

Hazelnut Coffee Chip Cookies

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These were whipped up for a staff meeting today, making about 27 large cookies to share that didn’t last the day!  I had picked up a package of Hershey Chipits Coffee chips this past week and decided they’d pair very well with some hazelnuts, and a new cookie was born.  If you really wanted to amp up the flavors here, I just bet these would be fantastic sandwiched with some coffee ice cream.  mmmmm !  Read the rest of this entry

Christmas Cookie Roundup !

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