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Lentil Pastitsio

Lentil PastitsioPastitsio is Greece’s answer to lasagna – a baked pasta dish topped with rich bechamel and traditionally made with spiced ground lamb or sometimes beef.  My mother had this in her casserole repertoire, but I had not had it in a very long time as I no longer eat meat.  I decided it was time to change that, and set about whipping up a vegetarian version with lentils in place of ground meat.  The result is a warm and hearty casserole, a complete protein-filled meal perfect for these dark winter evenings.  Serve it up with a little salad and some crusty bread and you are good to go.  Portion up and freeze the leftovers for meals throughout the week, or make the entire dish ahead of time, wrap in the fridge and reheat the next day.

There are a few steps to this recipe, but I promise it is simple, and you can even make the lentil filling ahead of time if you want. It’s worth it ! Read the rest of this entry