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Fig and Anise Toffee


Years ago when I was still living in Newfoundland and increasing my interest in all things cooking and baking, one of my friends and taste-testers came over for dinner and along with that dinner I made a loaf of fig and fennel bread out of some Martha Stewart mag.  I thought I was so fancy, lol. I don’t think she was overly fond of it and it was probably like a door-stopper, what with my bread-baking luck.  Thankfully we are still good friends.  That little dinner for some reason popped into my head as I was thinking up a new holiday toffee recipe, so this one goes out to that good friend.


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Cranberry Almond Crumble Toffee


Cranberry Almond Crumble Toffee

Happy holidays to you all !  And happy holidays to me as well, because I FINALLY got myself some Christmas baking spirit these past few days, and have been into the candy making as well.  I like to try a few new things each year, so I have two new toffee recipes coming up in addition to the other lovely recipes I’ve found (round-up to come!).

This recipe features a combination of cranberries, almonds, and spice cookies nestled in a buttery toffee, topped with creamy white chocolate.  The result was very Christmas-y, I thought.  Check it out for yourself !

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Strawberry Almond Chocolate Fudge

straberry almond fudgeI am heading out to a curling event this evening, and agreed to bring some treats for sharing.  I was feeling lazy today, and not in the mood for anything heavy-duty baking wise.  I checked out the pantry and decided to whip up this quick and easy chocolate confection.  It is not a true fudge in the sense that there are no boiled sugars and what not, but it IS fudgy, and judging by the edges I cut off (and tasted….for research purposes of course 😉 ) pretty tasty.  I also think this would make a nice treat for Valentines Day to share with whoever you like! Read the rest of this entry

Amaretto Crunch Fudge

Amaretto Crunch Fudge

Here is another quick to whip up sweet to have on hand for your holiday candy platters and gift giving.  Not a true fudge, but equally tasty.  It passed my mother’s taste test and she has been a fudge master over the years!  Read the rest of this entry

Cookie Butter Clusters

Cookie Butter ClustersThese sweets are super easy to whip up and make a bunch.  If you can melt chocolate, you are good to go.

I have made a few variations on these (like my apple raisin slowpokes), but it is the holiday season and time for warm spices! And so these were a new addition to my candy platter this year.

This recipe uses cookie butter made from Speculoos cookies.  I used Cookinotti brand that was easy to find at the grocery store.  It is GOOD stuff.  I also used it in a cheesecake recipe this past year that I entered into a contest, so if you are looking for a more elaborate dessert, check it out !  Read the rest of this entry

Moroccan Spiced Brittle

Moroccan Spiced BrittleA couple of weeks ago I was making a big pot of  Moroccan carrot soup that had me thinking of the warm spices and ways to incorporate that into some of my holiday baking.  I ended up making a less peppery version of this Ras El Hanout to scent this nut filled golden brittle and was really pleased with the results.  The spices were subtle, and paired well with the nuts traditionally used in Moroccan cooking, particularly with the hint of honey in this recipe.  I took my inspiration for the base from Epicurious’ Fragrant Indian Brittle, another wonderful recipe.  And on to my twist! Read the rest of this entry

Mint Mocha Truffle Cake

Peppermint Mocha Truffle Cake (2)Has it snowed yet in your neck of the woods?  Yesterday, after a fairly balmy week (sneaky), we got ourselves a big old snowstorm – a sure sign that winter has arrived.  Time to dig out the mittens and boots, and time to dig out some cozy winter recipes for sharing !

I have to say, that while I enjoy the whole pumpkin spice thing, I REALLY love a peppermint mocha on a chilly day.  Goes great with shopping ! So this cake was inspired by that favorite drink, but also by the infamous Bete Noire that I have made time and time again for various occasions.  Was pleased with this seasonal update, and hope you are too.  Read the rest of this entry