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Rum Runner Molasses Cookies

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Historically, the economy of Newfoundland included a vibrant trade of the then plentiful salt cod stocks with other countries who in turn, provided us with their exports of sugar, dry fruits and nuts, coffee, molasses and rum.  And so, in turn for providing the world with the basis of many wonderful Bacalao variations, my ancestors in Newfoundland were able to bake up many ‘lassy filled treats, studded with nuts and fruits and flavored with many wonderful things. Read the rest of this entry


Lentil Crusted Coconut Shrimp with Mango Dipping Sauce

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This recipe is a new take on a restaurant favorite, easy to whip up at home for your next party to share with friends.  I incorporated a homemade lentil flour/meal into the mix to switch these up. Wow what a crunch these packed!  I will never go back to a regular batter again.

To boot, if you use a gluten-free baking powder, these little gems are gluten-free.  Bonus! And while they are not necessarily an everyday dish, you could always serve them along with a little salad, or use tail-off shrimp and tuck them into a wrap with some veggies to go!  Read the rest of this entry

Picadillo Lentil Chimichangas

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Back when I shared an apartment with my sister, and sometimes since, birthdays were always a meal of Picadillo Chimichangas and a pitcher (or two!) of Sangria.  The filling is savory, a little sweet, with warm spices.  I haven’t had these in ages.  One of the reasons being that I no longer eat beef, which is what these were originally made with (I will include the equivalents, however, if you want to try the original).

I decided to have another go at this nostalgic recipe this weekend, making the dish vegetarian, and if you forgo the cheese and sour cream toppings, also vegan.  I paired it with a simple slaw of red cabbage, carrot, cilantro, oil, vinegar and a little sugar.  I was super pleased with the results ! The filling itself would be equally delicious served over rice, or simply tucked into a wrap, without the frying, making for a more “everday” dish.  Read the rest of this entry

Tandoori Salmon Sliders with “Raita” Cream Cheese

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This is a photo of my winning recipe for Philadelphia Cream Cheese ! Follow the click through for more info and the recipe 🙂

My cake’s a winner !

My cake’s a winner !

Oh hey, look who won a community choice award for one of her cheesecakes ! 😉