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A visit to Jost Vineyards’ Maple Festival

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(taken not long before closing, the place was packed all afternoon!)

This was not my first visit to Jost, but it was my first since they completed their renovations, and I have to say WOW!  The place looks gorgeous, well done!

Yesterday Jost had their annual Maple Festival and I swung by in the afternoon (there had already been a maple brunch earlier in the day). There were local maple products for sale, lots of great wine specials of which I took full advantage, and entertainment from Laughing Freemen.  Not to mention a lively crowd.  It was so much fun.

While the winery and area itself is particularly beautiful in the summertime (its one of my favorite places in Nova Scotia), it is well worth a visit year-round.  There are always tastings and great sales. I lean more towards red wines, but Jost has some of my favorite white wines.  Their Eagle Tree Muscat is excellent and so is their Tidal Bay.  But they also have me sold on the coastal vineyards red they have been producing lately, its delicious! Jost also offers port, fruit and dessert wines, as well as eau de vie.  Many of their products are found in Nova Scotia liquor stores.

I’m so glad I dropped by!



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