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Potato Farls with Smoked Salmon

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Sunday morning breakfast, served with a hot cup of Just Us coffee, delicious!

Potato Farls and Smoked Salmon

Farls are an Irish quick bread that comes in many forms, and literally mean “quarters”.  These are kind of a cross between a pancake and a touton, in my mind.  They are made from a simple dough and cooked in a cast iron pan to give them a lovely crisp on the outside.

This was my first time making these, and full credit goes to for the recipe, which makes 8 farls.

While this isn’t my recipe, I also wanted to post this to talk about a new product I tried today, the delicious smoked salmon from Miramichi Smokehouse.  This was SO good, some of the best cold-smoked salmon I’ve had.  I picked this package up at the newly opened Manasseh Local Food market.  I’ve visited there twice this week, picking up some wonderful local products, and it’s really great to have a place to pick up these things much closer to home than I’ve been able to access before.  There’s also a deli at the back that I haven’t checked out yet (cash only), but I’ll definitely be back.  It’s worth a stop if you’re in the area.

I made the farls yesterday, rewarmed them slightly this morning, and topped them with the smoked salmon, a little sour cream and some red onion.  A simple and decadent breakfast !


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