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A break from shopping at Blue Olive in Dieppe

Saturday took me up to Moncton for some shopping, which included a stop at the Blue Olive market in Dieppe, a real gem for hard to find items in the area, and a welcome addition when it opened a few years ago.

After a few more hours puttering around Moncton, and having skipped lunch, I was ready for a bite to eat, and returned.  I have gotten take-out from Blue Olive in the past, but decided to enjoy the beautiful weather today and park myself on their patio for a while.

Needing a little pick-me-up, I started with a Turkish Coffee:


And then my meal, the vegetarian falafel plate.  This comes with the option of two salads (I chose tabbouleh and fattoush), as well as the choice between rice and couscous, which is what I chose.  With garlicky potatoes, pita and hummus, and those falafel, this is one full meal (I couldn’t finish it) for approximately $10.  I was pleased to see that they had expanded their menu quite a bit since my last visit, so you will be spoiled for choice here.


This was so tasty, everything was fresh and crisp and every flavor well balanced.  I also picked up a couple baklava on the way out which were also very tasty.

Check this place out, have a browse around the market and enjoy a meal !


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