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A visit to Winegarden Estates Wine Festival


Today was a gorgeous sunny day that took me over to Baie Verte, NB to check out Winegarden Estates 14th Annual Open Air Wine Festival. I had attended this festival some years ago with a friend and had a great time.  A mere $7 gets you entry to the tasting stations and several tickets for wine tastings (I didn’t use all mine). Plus, you get to keep your glass !

Having been to Winegarden in the past, I tried to stick to a few new finds. The only winery guest at the festival this year was Les Maury, who were there to offer samplings of their red (which I tried and enjoyed), blueberry, strawberry and elderberry wine (which I sampled, and purchased). 

I also visited the Port table where I sampled, enjoyed and purchased the Vineur Pear for a gift.  My last stop was at the spirits table.



(I didn’t get many photos inside as the building was quite dark).

At the spirits station I tasted the Slibowitz (plum) eau de vie, which was quite nice.  But my favorite was the Apple Schnaps, which I purchased – described as a black forest style dry apple schnaps.  I am already thinking of ways to use this, aside from just for sipping!

After some tastings, I headed back outside to check out some of the vendors and music.  Even though I only stayed for an hour or so, this would be a great event to pass an afternoon, especially with the wonderful weather today.  Look at how beautiful!




(couldn’t get a photo inside the music hall, too crowded!)

In addition to the music and wine tastings, there were food stalls, games, wagon rides and vendors selling woodcraft. I stopped by Seaside Honey Farm‘s booth and picked up a lovely dark honey, which I was told got its color from the bees having visited the blueberry fields.

I highly recommend a visit to this area and Winegarden estates.  The Baie Verte area is beautiful and there are beaches nearby, although I’m not certain about access.  Last year, there was a raspberry U-Pick open down here, but I couldn’t see any signs out yet.

I continued my drive down the Amherst shore and soaked up some awesome views.  You will pass some parks and beaches if you drive this route, and Northport has always been a favorite of mine, because they also welcome dogs. After that, I made a little stop for fries at the Tess’ Aus-Some fish and chip truck close to Pugwash.  The fries were tasty and the truck had lots of other offerings for another visit, including haddock, flounder, five island clams and some Australian offerings.  Tess’ doesn’t have a website, but they do have a Facebook page.  Picnic tables are nearby to sit and Chase’s Lobster Pound is right across the road if you want to pick up dinner !

An afternoon well spent!


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