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A visit to “Catch of the Bay” at Masstown Market

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I finally got around to checking out “Catch of the Bay” at Masstown Market today and what you see above is a very tasty order of flounder fingers and fries.  So good, and a very generous serving, I mostly only ate the fish.  The flounder itself was light and fresh and the accompanying market-made tartar sauce was really good, especially if you favor the more savoury rather than sweet variety.  While the fries were not freshly cut, they were also very tasty and crisp, and along with a soft drink, some malt vinegar and a little sea salt, it was a great meal. 

If the flounder doesn’t tickle your fancy, there are loads more options on the menu:


This is also a great place to just enjoy your meal outside an soak up some rays, or not as much, under an umbrella.  This is the entire property from the outside.


They have a indoor fish market on property as well, where you can get everything from cod tongues to fresh lobster, as well as ready made options like fish cakes, cooked lobster or even sushi.  A small offering of local wines means you can pack up your cooler and head to the beach! (or simply walk across the lot to Masstown Market itself, which is a must-stop for sure)



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